Experience your vision
through virtual reality.

a mini compilation of
immersive examples

This mini compilation illustrates a few of the many examples of converting models developed for still rendering into self directed VR tours. All of our models follow the same pipeline; from 3dsMax to Unreal Engine, making it possible to quickly go beyond still rendering and animation to generate more advanced experiences like 360° views and tours, self directed walk-throughs, and interactive immersive gaming environments. 

enhanced visualization

The fastest way to immerse yourself and your clients into your designs is via 360° renderings. These images allow the viewer to experience your designs as if they are standing in the space with the ability to look around (360°) from a single position. Multiple views can be linked together to form a self directed tour accessible by selecting embedded icons (hot spots), or you can choreograph an automatic tour for your clients to sit back and enjoy. 360° renderings can be experienced from a desktop computer screen, hand-held device, or headset device. For headsets, images can be generated for stereoscopic viewing to provide an enhanced depth-of-field experience. Final images and tours can be accessed and viewed directly from a website, or packaged and delivered for individual device viewing.

Check out our examples below. Click-and-drag your mouse to move around the scene. Click on the “sphere” in the scene to change views and move from one room to another. Hover over any icon to learn about its function.

single family residence
Self directed tour

This tour was generated using Twinmotion software in August 2022. Panorama packages can be accessed thru a website or from cloud storage using a computer, tablet or smart phone. They can also be packaged as self contained presentations that can be stored and accessed locally on your computer or supported device.

condominium unit
self directed tour

This tour was generated using Pano2VR software in October 2020. Panorama packages can be accessed from a website or as a self contained presentation stored locally on a supported computer device.

loft condominium
self directed tour

This tour was generated using Pano2VR software and featured on a realtors website as a “build-to-suite” example for potential customers. The original model was created in 3DSMax, rendered in V-Ray and packaged as a tour using Pano2VR. 

virtual environments
enhanced visualization

From a fully detailed model we produce an environment that allows you to walk through or around your design proposal in real-time. We generate these tailored experiences using Twinmotion and Unreal Engine. Once complete, we export the project to a supported platform of your choice.

The examples below are in-play video recordings to illustrate the level of detail and control available with each format.

Lake shore residence (Twinmotion)

loft condominium (unreal engine)

immersive environments
enhanced visualization

In addition to experiencing virtual environments in real-time on desk-top, game consoles and hand-held devices, we can also format them for immersive wearable devices such as HTC-VIVE,  Samsung and Oculus  equipment. Interactivity can also be built into the experience to be used for multi-option selection, real-time environmental modifications, and many other dynamic activities.

Contact us for more information regarding the overall process, time frames and pricing.

Lake shore residence (Twinmotion)

test model (unreal engine)